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"Nick Opyrchal is, bar none, the best martial arts instructor I've ever had. He is patient, enthusiastic and wise beyond his years. His dedication to his own physical, technical and spiritual/mental improvement is inspiring - especially as he pursues these goals with such humility. He has repeatedly tested his teachings in the ring (and other places...), so you can be confident that he is instructing from a place of legitimate experience. More than this, Nick is still curious about martial arts. He isn't resting on his laurels, regurgitating a system. He, himself, is constantly learning, evolving and improving. I live in the States now, and one of the very few things I miss about London is training with Nick. He got me into the best shape I've ever been, toughened me up and inspired me to raise my expectations of what I was capable of. Our class was a mix of men, women and children at various levels of experience, and there was always a fun, supportive atmosphere - despite all the hard work. I'd recommend training with Nick unreservedly."
Paul Telfer (TV and Film actor)

"Nick has a true passion for martial arts combined with a broad knowledge of the many styles that he combines to make his classes both challenging and fulfilling."
Victoria Gallardo

"Nick Opyrchal is a highly skilled Martial Artist, a hands on practical and humble trainer and an interesting, friendly, authentic human being. He will help you improve your fitness, teach you how to defend yourself against an attacker and can even help train you up to competition level if you want."

"Your confidence will grow as the weeks and months go by and you can be sure that Nick is right there with you doing all the kicks, punches, clinch work, press ups and burpees (only faster) which for me, really makes a difference, because you can see he is dedicated and does what he does with passion. Nick is always learning more, a real student of his art and then sharing his newfound knowledge during the next class. If your in the local area, get yourself to training and experience it for yourself. You'll work harder in the warm up than you've ever done in your life, but you will learn to love it."
James Mahon – student for 3 years

Heathens Gym - Thai Boxing Club
Grange Park Methodist Church,
Old Park Ridings, Enfield N21
Hornsey Vale Community Centre,
Mayfield Road, Harringay, N8
Contact us on kungfunick2005@yahoo.co.uk
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